Posted: April 1, 2018 in Ink's Poetry

So the chapbook came out, and something amazing happened. People who pre-ordered started posting pictures with it soon after as it arrived on their doorsteps or in their mailboxes. I’m baffled, quite frankly, in the most pleasant way imaginable. 61 Central is an intensely personal piece written in unforgivingly dense fashion, so I didn’t think it would agree with most. But even people who swear off modern poetry, like my father, got to the core of it seemingly with little issue and made some grand comments!

(Now, PLEASE go leave reviews on its page on Finishing Line Press and Amazon!)

And since I’m not one to believe my efforts worth much, I sent out a thank you to all those who pre-ordered. It was meant as a fun bit of fluff to complement the air of 61 Central and give the reader a little more value for their money for plunking down what I know, for some, was very limited funds. That gift, which shall remain nameless as it has also since gone out to publishers, is personalized with a drawing on the front cover and their name underneath. (Pictured below, a cropped picture of the front cover prior to personalization.)


Apologies to those who got theirs first; I got better at drawing the further along I got into doing them in order. And thank you, everyone who pre-ordered and shared your reactions with me. It means the world, and you do too.

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