61 Central – Winter Special

Posted: October 10, 2021 in Ink's Poetry

61 Central exploits the history and myth about an abandoned coal town for the sake of atmosphere, and that atmosphere best serves readers combing the pages in the grip of the dying and dead months — autumn and winter. And since I still have copies of what I consider to be my best work and want people to be able to enjoy it with a chill on the breeze and in their bones, I’m price slashing through January.

61 Central is now just $7 (shipping included)! However supplies are limited, and this offer ends with the start of spring. Check out the trailer below and then order copies for you and friends.

61 Central

Poems inspired by what remains of a Pennsylvania town made uninhabitable by a slow-burning, subterranean fire. This chapbook channels the desolate atmosphere to empower it in empathy and homage for those who live(d) there.


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