Books of Ink

Miserable with Fire

Miserable with Fire (2011), 114 pages

The first formal collection of poetry penned by a New Jersey author who calls himself Ink. Gathered under the umbrella of frustration, poems comprising this volume concern themselves with the inability to fulfill a driving passion or realize one’s own raison d’etre as well as the efforts and triumphs involved with and resulting from overcoming such obstacles. Supply is limited, and shipping is included!


“sink or swim, A battle”
“Spring Mantra”

Death Loves a Drinking Game

Death Loves a Drinking Game (2014), 144 pages

A collection of poems loosely themed around the author’s favorite vice. This is a Piscataway House Publications Duel Book, so if you flip it around and read from the other side, you also get the wonderful poems of Mark Baird’s collection, Before I Die I Want to Swim with Sharks. Supplies are limited, and shipping is included!


“At Both Ends”

61 Central

61 Central (2018), 32 pages

61 Central exploits the history and myth about an abandoned coal town for the sake of atmosphere, and that atmosphere best serves readers combing the pages in the grip of the dying and dead months of winter. I still have copies of what I consider to be my best work and want people to be able to enjoy it with a chill on the breeze and in their bones. (Shipping included.)