About the Author

With a fiendish addiction to all things caffeinated and a thorough knowledge of how to waste time, Ink disrupts his neighbors’ dreams by taking recycling out at odd times and singing along too loudly with whatever song fits his mood. He once asked the world if it wanted him, and the small packet of poems he found in his breast pocket-kept notepad after the fog cleared turned into 61 Central (Finishing Line Press). Ink remains fortunate enough to reside in New Jersey.

Books of Ink

  • Death Loves a Drinking Game (2014) – Piscataway House Publications
  • Miserable with Fire (2011)

Chapbooks of Ink

  • 61 Central (2018) – Finishing Line Press
  • Words That Should Never Be Said… (2006)
  • Inanimates (2004)
  • Tripped Tongues & Fallen Cases (2003)
  • Drinking Coke and Smoke with Beer on the Table (2002)