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Today, a small collection of even smaller poems that explore the eternity locked inside every fraction of every second is being put up for pre-order by Back Room Poetry (in the UK, not in the UK). Go ahead and get one, because there’s only going to be 50 copies printed!

“The Vessel of the Now” started as a string of tweets playfully mocking the reverent tone, subject matter, and repetition of the ecstatic lyric(s) comprising Gregory Orr’s Concerning the Book That Is the Body of the Beloved, which imagines and personifies the all of humanity’s creative output as a single bound collection to illustrate how we are all connected. (Side note: it is a fantastic collection I recommend you buy or borrow and read this instant.) The tweets came on the heel of my finishing the composition of 61 Central, a solemn endeavor, but were a tonal foil of sorts. Eventually, these grew into small, jovial poems dedicated to isolating and exploding the concept of a moment for all it contains (which, to invoke the title of a recent Academy Award Best Picture winner, is everything, everywhere, all at once).

All that may sound like academic babble, but the poems of “The Vessel of the Now” are written to be deceptively simple and engaging with the wit and humor required for looking at life and all it contains. Sometimes sopping with sophistry and other times outright flippant, this collection offers a perspective that I hope helps people laugh at how small we really are and realize the potential of every single moment.